Zita Parmesan Gratin

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Total time: 45 min



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Parmesan cheese was already sung about in the 14th century by Boccaccio in his “Decamerone”. With a duchess of Parma, who married in France a grandson of Louis Xiv. Married, it came over the Alps and quickly found its way into French cuisine. The famous statesman Talleyrand used to sprinkle his soup with Parmesan, to the astonishment of many contemporaries. Even Molière, in the last years of his life, used to eat the Italian hard cheese on a daily basis. Today, master chef Christian Constant reveals his recipe for pasta bake with Parmesan.

Make the zita 8 min in the poultry broth.

Trim zita to the length of a gratin dish.

Place a first layer of pasta in the dish.

Sprinkle generously first with grated, then with grated Parmesan.

For smoothness, spread a little butter evenly on top.

In this way, place about four layers in the mold.

Sprinkle the last layer with breadcrumbs and finally place flakes of butter on top.

Cook slowly in the oven until the desired golden color.

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