Trout Fillets on Leek

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Total time: 45 min




If possible, cut white to light green leeks in half lengthwise and rinse thoroughly under running water, then cut into squares of 1X1 cm. Cut fine rolls of chives for sprinkling.

Remove the peel from the smallest possible potatoes, rinse them, cut them into quarters and then into fine slices.

In a sauté pan, sauté the leek and potatoes in the foaming butter, add the soup and cream, season carefully with salt and a little freshly grated nutmeg. Meanwhile, cook the vegetables for about 20 minutes on low heat with the lid closed.

Finally flavor with white pepper from the mill and a few drops of juice from a lemon.

Season the trout fillets with salt and white pepper from the mill and roast them in a coated pan in the moderately hot butter-oil mixture over medium heat for about 4-6 minutes, depending on the thickness, until golden brown and just cooked.

Heat the leek and apple mixture again briefly, spread evenly on hot plates, place the fish on the bed of vegetables and finally sprinkle with the chive rolls.

This dish is meant for 2 people.

Our tip: Fresh chives are much more aromatic than dried ones!

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