Spicy Carrots From Balkans

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Clean the carrots, remove the skin, rinse and dry them. Coarsely grate them with a kitchen grater. Rinse the chives, dry them and cut them into fine rolls. Coarsely grind the chili pepper in a mortar.

Peel the garlic cloves and grind them together with 1 pinch of salt in a mortar. Peel the apple, cut it into quarters and remove the core. Cut the apple quarters into narrow slices. Sprinkle them on the spot with the juice of a lemon so that they do not turn brown.

Put the carrots together with the chili pepper and the apple slices in a suitable bowl and mix them loosely. Stir the sour cream together with the horseradish, crushed garlic, chili seasoning and cayenne pepper until smooth. The whole thing over the carrot salad form, mix the whole thing together, season with salt, season with pepper and garnish with chives.

Wholemeal bread goes well with it.

Cayenne pepper: Also called red or Spanish pepper, it is not a type of pepper, but a nightshade plant related to peppers. The small pods are called chilies or peppers when fresh and cayenne pepper when dried. This hellishly hot spice is often sold along with other dried, ground spices in a wide variety of aromatic blends.

Hot Tips: You can either whole, halve or possibly quarter the tender round spring carrots, depending on your taste.

The carrot salad becomes even spicier if

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