Roast Beef with Waldviertler Knoedl

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Roast beef:



The Waldviertler Knoedl are a specialty known throughout Austria, which is not quite easy to make. Try these fluffy dumplings at the beginning before inviting guests. If they don’t succeed the first time, simply try again.

Peel carrots and celery, peel onions. Chop into small pieces. Brown briefly in the oil. Use a roasting pan that closes well and just holds the roast. Lift the browned vegetables out of the roasting pan. Season the roast with pepper & salt. Sear the roast in the oil form, searing on all sides. Add the vegetables back to the meat, pour water and let the roast cook for about 90-120 minutes on the lowest flame. Turn two or three times to the other side.

Lift out the roast, keep warm. Add the sour cream to the vegetables. Blend everything with a hand blender. The vegetables bind the sauce. Season to taste.

While the roast is simmering, rinse and cook the potatoes. Leave to stand for 3-4 min in an open saucepan, peel while hot and press through.

While still hot, knead with semolina and salt to form a dough. Gradually add enough starch to form a smooth, firm dough that separates from the sides of the baking dish. With wet hands, form dumplings that are a tiny bit larger than tennis balls. Put them in lightly boiling salted water. Steep for about 15 minutes.

Serve immediately with the beef roast.


Always place dumplings in an open saucepan in almost boiling h

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