Mango Parfait with Sweet Pesto

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

For The Parfait:



1. stand the mango upright. Cut the flesh from the core on the right and left flattened sides, peel (yields about 250 g), cut off and mash with a slicer or possibly a blender. Season with approx. 1 tbsp. powdered sugar.

Whip the yolks and the remaining powdered sugar in a hot water bath until creamy. Remove and whip in cold water for approx. 5 min. until cooled.

Whip the cream until stiff, adding the vanilla sugar.

Fold the mango puree into the egg yolk mixture at the beginning, then the whipped cream. Pour the parfait mixture into four portion molds or heart molds (e.g., flex molds from Lurch).

Flexiform from Lurch). Cover with foil and freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight. 4.

For the pesto, toast the pine nuts. Cool. Grind with remaining ingredients in an electric chopper. Pour into a clean jar with twist-off lid, seal.

Remove parfait about half an hour before serving. Dip ramekins briefly in hot water, invert parfait or press out of flexi mold. Serve with the pesto. Garnish with basil leaves, fresh mango cubes and a caramel star (see tip). Freeze remaining parfait one more time, for example in a freezer container. Leftover pesto will keep refrigerated for about 2 weeks.

Extra tip: A great eye-catcher on the dessert is a golden glowing caramel decoration:

For this, melt sugar in a saucepan and caramelize until light brown. With a ladle

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