Chestnut Parfait

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 6.0 (servings)



Line a small terrine mold with plastic wrap.

Stir chestnut cream and milk until smooth. Whip the cream until stiff and fold into the chestnut cream. Pour into the prepared mold. Place in the freezer for about 45 minutes.

Use a spoon to make a large indentation in the half-frozen mixture lengthwise, spreading the cream up along the edge. Place back in the freezer.

Roughly chop the marron glacés.

Blend ricotta, sour cream, powdered sugar and orange zest until smooth. Mix in chopped marrons glacés.

Pour the cream into the well of the parfait and continue to freeze for about 4 hours.

To serve, let the parfait thaw in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. Turn out the parfait, carefully peel off the cling film and cut into slices.

Arrange on the plates and garnish each with a Marron Glacés.

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