Wild Boar Medallions on Lentil Vegetables

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Total time: 45 min




Sauté pepper, salt, olive oil and pull in the kitchen stove. Cut apples into wedges. Make the caramel with butter, Grand Marnier and sugar, cook the medallions in it, take them out, add a little whipped cream to the sauce. Drain the lentils, season, add a little finely chopped shallots and kitchen herbs, bring to the boil and arrange on the plate.

For the sauce, reduce a little balsamic vinegar, use red wine, Grand Marnier and honey and add butter. Finely chop the cookie and add it.

Exclusively from the Mittelburgenland East in Austria.

Our tip: Use sweet red wine for a sweet note and rather dry wine for flavorful, spicy dishes.

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