Scallops Au Gratin #2

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



In Galicia, scallops are baked in the domed top halves of their shells. Ask the fishmonger later (or use small ovenproof ramekins). Open live scallops with a kitchen knife held level and separate the meat from the shells. Remove the gray edge from the muscle meat and the dark innards from the roe sack.

Heat butter and one third of the oil and fry the scallops for 2 min on each side. Remove the scallop meat and boil away any liquid that has escaped.

Preheat the brandy in a ladle, ignite and pour over the scallops. Place the flambéed mussel meat in the mussel shells or small ovenproof dishes. Pour the remaining oil into the frying pan and gently roast the onions. When they are soft, add the garlic. Add the minced tomatoes, paprika and cayenne bell pepper and cook gently until the tomatoes become a sauce. Pour fish stock or wine, season with salt and season with pepper. Ladle the tomato sauce over the mussels. Mix breadcrumbs and parsley and sprinkle over the mussels. Bake in the broiler at low temperature for 2-3 min, bring to the table on the spot.

Info: On St. James Day, this dish is served in every restaurant in Santiago, because scallops have always been associated with the saint, and the shells are still the distinctive mark of the faithful who go on pilgrimage to his tomb. Galicisc

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