Marinated Zucchini and Mushrooms with Silken Tofu

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Have fun preparing this mushroom dish!

Rinse the zucchini, pat dry and remove the stalks and flowers. Then cut the Z. about 1/2cm thick slices. Separate the oyster mushrooms and remove all dirt. Rinse the mushrooms briefly under cold running water and dry thoroughly. Cut large mushrooms into halves or quarters.

Remove the skin from the garlic cloves and chop them very finely. Rinse the kitchen herbs and toss them dry. Remove the stems from the thyme, cut the tarragon or lemon balm into thin strips. Mix half of the garlic and the culinary herbs with about 2/3 of the olive oil in a small baking bowl. Heat the remaining olive oil gradually in a large frying pan and roast the zucchini and oyster mushrooms in batches until nicely browned on both sides. Layer the zucchini and oyster mushrooms in batches in a baking dish, seasoning each layer with salt and pepper and drizzling with a little marinade.

Cover the vegetables with a plate or platter and leave to marinate for about 5 hours in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator.

Then remove the skin from the remaining garlic and press it through a garlic press into a large enough bowl. Remove the skin from the cucumber and grate it on the raw food grater into the baking bowl. Rinse the parsley, toss dry and chop the leaves.

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