Black Forest Cherry Cake

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 12.0 (servings)

For the dough:

For the chocolate cream:

For the vanilla cream:

For the whipped cream:

For the decoration:


Beat the eggs with the sugar, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt for at least 10 minutes until very foamy, add the oil in a thin stream while continuing to beat the food processor.

Sift flour with cocoa and fold in thoroughly. Cover two pastry hoops with baking paper, divide the pastry mixture and bake at 170 °C convection oven for about 20 minutes.

For the chocolate cream, divide the chocolate into small pieces and heat with 250 ml of whipping cream, stirring until the chocolate has melted and a homogeneous liquid has formed. Refrigerate for at least a few hours and then stir briefly with a mixer, add the remaining 250 ml of whipped cream and whip well.

Cut each cake into two layers.

For the vanilla cream, whisk vanilla-Qimiq until smooth, stir in vanilla sugar and sugar, whip whipped cream until stiff and fold in.

Place one base on a cake plate, place a cake ring all around and be sure to place cake border foil in between.

Spread the base with cherry jam, then spread half of the vanilla cream on top, cover with another base. Spread the chocolate cream in circles on this one, place the pitted sour cherries in between and cover with a base. Spread this one with jam again, spread the remaining vanilla cream and cover with the last cake layer.

Let the cake cool for a few hours, preferably overnight.

For the top cream, whisk the Qimig until smooth, whip the whipped cream and fold in.


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