Asado – Argentinian Beiried

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Marinade Chimichurri:


Asado means “grilled” in Spanish and in Argentina it is mainly beef that is grilled. The pieces should be as large as possible, prepared relatively leisurely and with a strong crust.

Especially suitable for asado is belly meat or in the refined version also beef. It is advisable to have the meat cut by the butcher you trust.

The grill marinade Chimichurri belongs classically to the Asado. Ideally, the grilled meat is marinated in it for one night.

For the chimichurri, cut the tomatoes into small pieces and mix with olive oil, juice of a lemon, finely chopped garlic cloves, chili and onions. Season this mixture with chopped parsley, as well as chopped coriander greens and mint.

For grilling the Argentine way, a swivel grill that can be variably adjusted in height is best suited.

Because an asado is grilled with strong heat, but always with some distance from the embers. This gives the roast a tasty, strong crust, but it still remains wonderfully juicy. Only after the cooking process has progressed may the fire come closer to the grilled food.

According to the Argentine method of preparation, the meat should only be turned once: when the juices appear on the surface. Only then is the perfect time to season the grilled food with salt.

“a su punto”, carefully prepared to the point, an asado is when the roast has a

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