Pork Goulash

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



For the pork goulash, sauté finely chopped onions in hot clarified butter, stirring until golden, stir in tomato paste and sauté briefly. Remove pot from heat, sprinkle in paprika powder and stir well. Pour in beef broth and simmer for about ½ hour.

Add spices, season to taste and continue to simmer. Add the meat to the goulash mixture, salt and pepper. Simmer gently in an open pot for about an hour, until the meat is tender and the goulash juice has a creamy consistency.

Lift out meat with a perforated ladle and keep warm, covered, remove the chili pepper and bay leaves. Puree the goulash juice with a hand blender and add the meat back in, along with any liquid that has escaped. Season the pork goulash to taste and serve.

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