Earth Apple and Watercress Salad

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Total time: 5 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Rinse the potatoes and cook in salted water with the caraway seeds until not too soft, then peel.

Select the watercress and rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water, remove the hard, coarser stems. Peel and very finely dice the onion. Heat the beef broth.

In a baking dish, pour the hot beef broth over the diced onion at the beginning, season it vigorously with salt and freshly ground pepper, then fold in the vinegar and vegetable oil. Fold in the potato slices and let them stand for at least 120 minutes, then mix, season and fold in the watercress.

The leaf salad goes very well with small river fish fillets, e.g. perch (Egli), whitefish, pike-perch or trout, simply peppered and salted and fried in foaming butter in a frying pan.

In vitamins and tastes very spicy, not to be confused with the garden cress, which you can buy in small boxes with a culture medium. Always rinse watercress very well and remove the coarser stems. Nasturtium, often kept as an ornamental plant, by the way, tastes just as good as a leaf salad.

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