Beef Escalope with Letcho and Mashed Potatoes

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 2.0 (servings)

For the cutlets:

For the letcho:

For the mashed potatoes:


For the Beef Escalopes with Letcho and Mashed Potatoes Wash beef escalopes and pat dry. Pat lightly flat and make a few incisions around the edges. Season with salt and pepper, dust one side with flour and place in a pan heated with olive oil.

Sear meat on both sides, add some meat seasoning salt and onion rings from one onion. Pour in soup and let the meat stew until tender, about 2 hours.

Stir in between and add water if necessary. To refine the sauce, add some tomato paste, paprika powder and chili flakes and let it boil down. If necessary, thicken with sauce thickener.

For the letcho, cut the peppers and onion into strips of about the same size. Sauté both together in oil and let fry for about 5 minutes. Add paprika powder and 1-2 tablespoons of chili powder and stir well, fry briefly (not too long, otherwise the letcho will be bitter) and then deglaze with a dash of vinegar.

Then add the strained tomatoes and cook everything until soft (takes a maximum of 10 minutes). Finally, season with salt, pepper, sugar, possibly some garlic powder and possibly some soup powder and season to taste.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes and boil them in salted water. Drain the water and mash the cooked potatoes with a masher, adding milk, margarine and grated nutmeg to make a creamy puree.

Arrange everything together and serve.

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