To Rabbit Saddle Stuffed, Potato Ravioli

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Pasta dough:

Potato mass:


Main recipe: see recipe rabbit saddle stuffed, savoy cabbage u. potato ravioli

Pasta dough:

Boil saffron in water and set aside. In a baking bowl, combine flour, egg, the saffron mixture and salt and mix well to form a dough. Knead the dough well for about 5 min by hand or with a food processor. Wrapped in a damp tea towel, the dough should rest in the refrigerator until further processing, a good half hour.

Potato mixture:

The potatoes, mainly semi-floury, are peeled and boiled. They should be cooled before further processing, but not yet cooled. Mash the potatoes with a hand press or food processor. One by one, lightly fry bacon and chopped onions, heat butter – be careful not to darken it – and add it to the potato mixture. Next, add egg, very finely chopped chives, salt – be careful, the bacon also seasons -, ground pepper and nutmeg. Stir the quantity very well and refrigerate.


Divide dough in two, roll out thinly, straighten sides with a pastry wheel. (This works well with a hand pasta machine) Lightly brush one surface of the dough with beaten egg yolk. Using a piping bag, pipe a small blob of the potato mixture onto the dough form at regular intervals as you would when baking cookies. Gently place the second sheet of dough

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