Blood Sausage Skewers with Sweet Potato Puree and Mustard Sauce

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Total time: 45 min




Cut the sprouts into large slices, put them alternately on a wooden skewer, pass them through a batter made of flour, milk, egg yolk, salt and pepper, bake them in deep fat until they are done and season them.

Quarter the cleaned Brussels sprouts, blanch them in salted water, add the spring onions cut to the same length, drain and season with salt, butter, pepper and a trace of nutmeg. Finely dice the peeled sweet potato, boil in salted water until tender, drain, press through a mash press and season with salt, whipping cream, pepper and a tiny bit of nutmeg.

For the sauce, reduce the whipping cream and white wine and add a corner of mustard, salt, bouillon cube and freshly ground pepper to taste. Arrange everything on a flat plate and garnish with a bunch of parsley.

Quality wine ‘dry’ from Styria, Austria.

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