Stuffed Peppers with Sardines in Bread Coat

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Total time: 30 min


For the sardines in bread coat:

For the shrimp salad:


For the filling, fry the peppers over high top heat until the skin is black and the peppers can be easily peeled. Cut into 2 cm wide strips. Fry briefly in olive oil together with the whole garlic cloves, season and deglaze with vinegar. Slice the zucchini and sauté briefly in olive oil as well. Cut the peppers and zucchini into small cubes, mix with the almonds and the bread cubes. Peel the pointed peppers as described above, then cut them in half lengthwise and fill them with the finely chopped vegetables along with the almonds and bread. Cut the belly of the sardines lengthwise. Remove the giblets, bone the sardines and rinse well. Pat dry. Cut the toast slices into very thin slices and press them to the top and bottom of the sardines using a little egg white. Slowly fry the sardines in hot fat until crispy. Trim a little more before serving. For the dressing, mix all the seasoning ingredients with the stock in a beaker. Then slowly pour in the cooked yolks and the oil. Finally, season with cream and grated Parmesan cheese. Mix the small plucked lettuce and some cress with the dressing and arrange it as decoratively as possible.

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