Stuffed Chicken Breast in Riesling

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



At the butcher fillet and skin the chicken breasts. (In any case from free-range chickens).

Using a sharp fillet knife, cut pockets about two fingers deep in the sides of the breasts.

Fill not quite tightly with chopped (not too ripe) camenbert. Tie with a sausage string, removed before serving, of course.

Rinse peppers, remove seeds, chop. Remove the skin from the onion and chop. Rinse tomatoes, chop. Finely weigh kitchen herbs. Clean small mushrooms.

In a shallow, heavy casserole, bring wine and chicken stock to a boil. Pour in the stuffed chicken fillets. Bring to a boil. (Fillets should be 2/3 covered with liquid).

Add all vegetables and culinary herbs (without mushrooms).

Squeeze a clove of garlic into the liquid, season with salt and pepper, mix briefly. Only then put the mushrooms on the vegetables. (They should only be cooked by the steam and not softened). Stop stirring and simmer for about 12 min.

Fish the chicken breasts and vegetables out of the saucepan with a skimmer and arrange decoratively on a heated platter.

With lid open and on high heat, simmer sauce for another 2 min or so to half its volume and pour over chicken breasts and vegetables. Garnish with a few leaves of fresh coriander and parsley.

Serving: Boiled potatoes

Suggested drink: dry Riesling, (the wine in which the ger

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