Asparagus Salad

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Total time: 5 min



Remove the peel from the asparagus spears, cut into bite-sized pieces, cook “al dente” with a little sugar in salted water, drain, briefly rinse with cold water.

Cut eggs into slices and ham into short, fine strips.

Chop the onion very finely.

From the ingredients “onion … Salt” to prepare a salad dressing.

Put asparagus spears, ham strips and egg slices in a large enough bowl, pour the dressing and mix well. Let lettuce sit at room temperature for an hour, mix again briefly, perhaps seasoning again.

Divide evenly between two plates and sprinkle with chives.

Serving suggestion: with grilled poultry with fresh ribbon noodles or baguette.

Recommended drink: well chilled white wine

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