Franconian Veal Heart with Pumpkin Stew

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Divide the veal heart into 4 pieces. Sauté these pieces together with the garlic and thyme and place them on an oven tray.

Extinguish the hot frying pan with the Rieslaner and the glace. Knead the flour, egg and olive oil together to form a dough. Remove the skin from the pumpkin and cut into cubes. Sauté pumpkin and shallots and season, add garlic and currants and extinguish with veal stock. Continue to cook until the pumpkin is soft. Using a pasta walker, roll out the dough, cut in half, brush with egg yolk and spread the pumpkin ragout evenly. Place other half of pasta dough on top, press firmly and cut with a pasta wheel.

Place the baking tray with the veal heart in the oven heated at 180 °C and cook until pink. Boil the pumpkin stems in hot water, then sauté in a little nut butter, heat the remaining pumpkin chutney.

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