Cherry Buns with Marzipan

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

For the dough:

For the filling:

For the mold:


For the dough, mix the flour with sugar, lemon zest and salt.

Press a well into it and crumble the yeast into it.

Add sugar and about 5 tablespoons of lukewarm milk, sprinkle with a little flour and let rise covered for 15 minutes.

Dissolve the butter in the lukewarm milk and add to the pre-dough.

Work into a smooth dough with the dough hook of the hand mixer and let rise, covered, for about 40 minutes.

For the filling, knead marzipan with kirsch and twist into a sausage.

Cut off pieces, flatten and place 5 pitted cherries on each piece of marzipan.

Twist the whole thing into a marzipan ball and roll in almonds.

Cut pieces of dough, press apart and place the filled balls on the dough.

Press the dough together and seal.

Pour milk with sugar into a baking dish and place the booklets in it.

Cover with lid or aluminum foil and bake the cherry buns with marzipan in the oven at 180 °C for one hour.

Remove the lid or aluminum foil for the last ¼ hour.

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